Proposal Form

Film Trailer Proposal


Film name (with justification)





Full plot


The plot of the film is a group of college students go out to different locations within Northampton to prove that certain buildings are not haunted. So they travel to pubs in the town center and the shopping mall/bus station to find nothing…. They have one last place to checkout before things take a turn for the worst and they find the hidden truth….












Film Crew














The King Billy

Bus Station


Delapre abbey

Delapre abbey Field




Certification (with justification)



a documentary based on “true” facts, giving sketchy vibes with disturbing scenes





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Storyboards For FMP

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Shooting Schedule

Shooting schedule

Time Day or Night Shot descriptions / summary Location Characters required Props

9.00 AM – 10.30AM

DAY Dark Scenes with sound effects, using this room in pitch black to film eerie noises Using RO76 or Similar Everyone Torch, Mobile phones


NIGHT Establishing shot and interview clip for the King Billy, Outside The King Billy Public House Everyone Tripod? If not nothing


NIGHT Establishing shot of Greyfriars Bus station and introduction Outside the Bus Station Everyone Torches


NIGHT Establishing shot of Shipmans Public house and Introduction Outside of Shipmans Public House Everyone Torches


NIGHT Walk from town center Reviewing the Night soo far, Show disappointment and ask opinions of “students and Camera crew” London Road Everyone Torches


NIGHT Dark environment, hear sounds and see things in the distance, head inside the abbey to get “safe” Delapre Abbey Field Everyone Torches Mobile Phones
10.15 NIGHT Inside the abbey, start walking around exploring, use phone cameras for different peoples POV Delapre Abbey Everyone Torches, Mobile Phones
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FMP – Location Recce



What scenes will you be shooting in this area?


1:  Outside the King Billy Public House

An establishing shot with actors introducing the location,  interview with owner?

2: Outside the Greyfriars Bus station

An establishing shot with actors introducing the location,

3: Outside the Shipmans Public House

An establishing shot with actors introducing the location,

4:Outside Mansion/ In Delapre abbey park

Walking through the fields talking about if its going to be scary? Is it really haunted? The night has been a failure soo far? Is there going to be more dissapointment

5:Inside the mansion

The haunting scenes, flash scenes, spooky sounds, attack scene and ending
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FMP – Health and Safety/Risk Assesment Report

What could go wrong How will you prevent this? What alternatives have you got in place should you not be able to get around the problem (contingency)?

Equipment could get lost

Keep everything together, with all bags and use a checklist Make sure replacements are available if needed

Someone could get hurt during filming

Ensure everyone knows whats happening in the scene and run through a few times Have replacement actors if needed

The abbey could REALLY be haunted


Equipment could fail

Take spare memory cards and batteries Use camera phones
Actors could not turn up or be unavailable Arrange back up actors to be on call Call up an actor and have them meet on location

Permission for filming revoked

Have an alternative area to use and ensure permission is definitely granted Have back up area to use in worst case scenario
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Diesel Only The Brave

Diesel Only the Brave Aftershave

Be brave Be the boss
Be Brave be in control

Product anylsis
-Colour Themed Bottles
-Unique Bottle Shape
-Unique Fragrance

-Makes you smell good, which gives self confidence and will power


poster anylsis

Studio Setup
-White backdrop
-4 studio lights
-2 reflective boards

To achieve a beached out background i had to use 2 lights on the backdrop with 2 boards to reflect the excess light. then i had to use 2 light to light the models depending on what effect i was trying to achieve

Poster Theme:
we went for an office theme to go with the slogan ‘Be the Boss’
the models wore office and work dress and we used props like papers for filing, an office phone and a desk. and ofcourse the product to advertise

My Poster

Jamilles Poster

Nadines Poster

Dianes Poster

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Location & Health and Safety Report – Glee

As part of health and safety i must complete a location report about hazards, accessibility and relativity for shooting my glee scene, this must be done before shooting to consider if the area is safe and suitable for filming.

-limited space
-Tight corners
-limited light
shooting on the staircase is going to be difficult as the tripod will have to be adjusted on the fly every few minutes and can be irritating, there is limited space while using a tripod espicially when we want to do a shot where the actors walk past the camera., this can be considdered as a trip hazard. Due to the area theres is not a great light source although there is a window it dosent let in alot of light and therefore we may have to use a little more external light sources.

-Space issues
due to using a tripod and dolly that take up alot of space there is a very high risk of people tripping over, therefore we must ensure that everyone not being filmed at the time is clear out of the way and everyone knows where the tripod or dolly will be moving from and to.

Changing room (female)
Due to the male changing room being very small we have had to use the female changing room and close it down for the day as we are a group of all males. even if we had used the male changing room we would have had to close it for the day due to filming. Also due to this scene being such a wide shot i have to stand close to the actors with the mic but still out of shot. this means im using all of the lenght of cable for the mic and causes a tripping hazzard, there are lighting wires that will be running everywhere too and the bulbs get very hot so burns could occur as we’re panning and

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