Photography Assignment – Unit 9

Unit 9: Joiner Photography
Joiner or collage photography is an abstract form of photography where the image is made from a number of different images that are cut and ‘joined’ together, in digital joiners and collages the images are composed and then re-touched to make a seamless photo. Photos taken in the joiner style can be at different angles and perspectives to give an overview of the subject instead of just one point.

David Hockney
David Hockney was known mainly as an artist but also enjoyed exploring different styles of art including photography but more specifically photo collage and made his own unique and abstract ‘joiners’ with a cubism style.
Hockney took 5 years to focus on his joiner photography style, he first used a Polaroid camera, this allowed Hockney to quickly and easily assemble the joiners. After time and as Hockney’s passion and interest expanded he moved on to using a Pentax 110 it is said that the longest Hockney has had to spend piecing his photos together is 5 hours and the longest he has spend shooting is 8 days
Some of Hockney’s larger pieces of work include Pearblossom Highway and Pembroke Studios

Stephen Cross
Stephen Cross is an amateur photographer inspired by David Hockney’s work; he started joiner photography in the late 90’s. Stephen uses a combination of digital and film to get abstract effects and believes that conventional photos no longer capture the moment in its full glory and joinery allows him to explore these moments and gives him more time to reflect and tweak the final image to how he see’s fit.

Camera Equipment
Personal Joiner: Panasonic lumix compact + Nikon D40

Group Joiner: Canon Powershot compact

How i made my Joiner
Firstly i went out with my camera and scouted for a good location to shoot, i found many interesting areas that could make very interesting and abstract images but chose to go for the car park as all different pieces of cars would weave in and out of each other making a very abstract and appealing image.
next i had to resize all of the images to fit onto a A4 sheet of paper and then place them in the desired layout to create my final image, I used Photoshop for this the main tools i used were the Move Tool and Free Transform to just generally drag and drop the images to where i wanted them, some images we’re a little off colour due to the lighting so i had to adjust the brightness and contrast also .

Here is my personal joiner

Group Joiner
As part of this assignment as a group we had to create a group photo montage or ‘Joiner’ which meant we all had to decide on a location, we all went out and took photos of areas that we would like to recreate and then presented our images to each other and narrowed down the options. as a group we decided to photograph the new build on site. the new build is very abstract and stylish in itself so conjoiner with everyone else’s different style and shooting technique meant the final image will be unique, abstract and very eye catching.
Next we all went out with our own camera to shoot the new build and we each had a section of the building to focus on. we all took our shots and then uploaded to the Macs ready to compose our image.
everyone took a different part of the building to photograph and this will show the groups own individual style in each sector of the image.
as we all had large photos we had to resize once again to make the photos fit onto the wall. everyone’s dimensions were different so once again this is going to make the final image more abstract.

after resizing I had to import all the new sized images onto one canvas and begin to place all of my images how i saw fit.

Finally after alot of manipulation with the Move Tool and Free Transformation including warp and perspective i came out with a final image in which im happy to add to the rest of the groups work, resulting in a very abstract but interesting Photomontage

All Photos Used/Taken
all of my original photos that i took and used 90% of in this project are shown below

Personal Joiner Thumbs 1

Personal Joiner Thumbs 2

Personal Joiner Thumbs 3

Group Joiner Thumbs


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