Location & Health and Safety Report – Glee

As part of health and safety i must complete a location report about hazards, accessibility and relativity for shooting my glee scene, this must be done before shooting to consider if the area is safe and suitable for filming.

-limited space
-Tight corners
-limited light
shooting on the staircase is going to be difficult as the tripod will have to be adjusted on the fly every few minutes and can be irritating, there is limited space while using a tripod espicially when we want to do a shot where the actors walk past the camera., this can be considdered as a trip hazard. Due to the area theres is not a great light source although there is a window it dosent let in alot of light and therefore we may have to use a little more external light sources.

-Space issues
due to using a tripod and dolly that take up alot of space there is a very high risk of people tripping over, therefore we must ensure that everyone not being filmed at the time is clear out of the way and everyone knows where the tripod or dolly will be moving from and to.

Changing room (female)
Due to the male changing room being very small we have had to use the female changing room and close it down for the day as we are a group of all males. even if we had used the male changing room we would have had to close it for the day due to filming. Also due to this scene being such a wide shot i have to stand close to the actors with the mic but still out of shot. this means im using all of the lenght of cable for the mic and causes a tripping hazzard, there are lighting wires that will be running everywhere too and the bulbs get very hot so burns could occur as we’re panning and


About aboddington

Im currently studying Media at Northampton College, I work Part-Time at Weston Favell MacDonalds as a night worker in the kitchen. I am a Five String Bassist and currently own a Peavey Grind BPX 5, i also play in many bands with friends and family around northampton You can usually find me at work or in the pub with my amazing other half Mareika :) ♥
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