FMP – Health and Safety/Risk Assesment Report

What could go wrong How will you prevent this? What alternatives have you got in place should you not be able to get around the problem (contingency)?

Equipment could get lost

Keep everything together, with all bags and use a checklist Make sure replacements are available if needed

Someone could get hurt during filming

Ensure everyone knows whats happening in the scene and run through a few times Have replacement actors if needed

The abbey could REALLY be haunted


Equipment could fail

Take spare memory cards and batteries Use camera phones
Actors could not turn up or be unavailable Arrange back up actors to be on call Call up an actor and have them meet on location

Permission for filming revoked

Have an alternative area to use and ensure permission is definitely granted Have back up area to use in worst case scenario

About aboddington

Im currently studying Media at Northampton College, I work Part-Time at Weston Favell MacDonalds as a night worker in the kitchen. I am a Five String Bassist and currently own a Peavey Grind BPX 5, i also play in many bands with friends and family around northampton You can usually find me at work or in the pub with my amazing other half Mareika :) ♥
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