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The plot of the film is a group of college students go out to different locations within Northampton to prove that certain buildings are not haunted. So they travel to pubs in the town center and the shopping mall/bus station to find nothing…. They have one last place to checkout before things take a turn for the worst and they find the hidden truth….












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The King Billy

Bus Station


Delapre abbey

Delapre abbey Field




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a documentary based on “true” facts, giving sketchy vibes with disturbing scenes






About aboddington

Im currently studying Media at Northampton College, I work Part-Time at Weston Favell MacDonalds as a night worker in the kitchen. I am a Five String Bassist and currently own a Peavey Grind BPX 5, i also play in many bands with friends and family around northampton You can usually find me at work or in the pub with my amazing other half Mareika :) ♥
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