Shooting Schedule

Shooting schedule

Time Day or Night Shot descriptions / summary Location Characters required Props

9.00 AM – 10.30AM

DAY Dark Scenes with sound effects, using this room in pitch black to film eerie noises Using RO76 or Similar Everyone Torch, Mobile phones


NIGHT Establishing shot and interview clip for the King Billy, Outside The King Billy Public House Everyone Tripod? If not nothing


NIGHT Establishing shot of Greyfriars Bus station and introduction Outside the Bus Station Everyone Torches


NIGHT Establishing shot of Shipmans Public house and Introduction Outside of Shipmans Public House Everyone Torches


NIGHT Walk from town center Reviewing the Night soo far, Show disappointment and ask opinions of “students and Camera crew” London Road Everyone Torches


NIGHT Dark environment, hear sounds and see things in the distance, head inside the abbey to get “safe” Delapre Abbey Field Everyone Torches Mobile Phones
10.15 NIGHT Inside the abbey, start walking around exploring, use phone cameras for different peoples POV Delapre Abbey Everyone Torches, Mobile Phones

About aboddington

Im currently studying Media at Northampton College, I work Part-Time at Weston Favell MacDonalds as a night worker in the kitchen. I am a Five String Bassist and currently own a Peavey Grind BPX 5, i also play in many bands with friends and family around northampton You can usually find me at work or in the pub with my amazing other half Mareika :) ♥
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