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Advertising evaluation

The advertising project in question was to create a a print based advert for a soft drink, in my group we decided to happily design an energy/stimulation drink based on sweet flavors as we all agree that we drink mainly energy drinks. we worked well as a group in discussions and i feel i evenly contributed to the discussion with either ideas and/or listening and talking things through that didnt make sense entirely until everything was understood.
i created the logo first off to give the overall feel for the product design which made it easier on everyone else to design they’re version of the can or bottle. i have a broad knowledge of photoshop and tried to use effect that are not usually used to their full potential and tried to give my work a boost in effort.
i feel that due to people being away and ill we couldn’t all keep up to the same level of work so some people including myself dropped behind at times but then made it back on track.
also felt that since we decided on a target audience early on that i should have done more research into what our target would like to see and make the product more tailor made.

overall i think the task went well and everyone in my group completed some great advert designs which were all unique and appealing considering we all had the same starting point. i think if i did this again i would think twice and plan more before getting dragged in and bogged down with the first idea and concept that comes by. this would have given me more research and examples of planning to present.

Product: Ignition energy drink
Usp: natural ingredients with sweet flavours
Benefits: high ammounts of energy in a small can/bottle
Does the advert communicate the product effectively: in my adverts i tried to use techniques that would relate to the audience, for example i use a image of a out of control house party that looks really busy and energetic, i tried to capture the feel that doing alot of partying or dancing would make you tired and ignition could start off your night with a ‘spark’.
Does the Product meet the needs of the Target Audience: im quite sure of it, there are alot of energy drinks around and ignition is something new and more tailored to out TA which is the teenager range more than anything (16-24). i know that many people would drink something like ignition just for a quick pick me up before starting a long work shift or a long days travelling for example,
What could be improved: well obviously when making a product you want it to be to as wide a target audience as possible to catch more sales. the problem with making a energy drink is that it is more aimed at the younger generation and as people get older they dont drink as much caffene or high sugar content foods/drinks so that is one point that could have been improved. as for the advertising there isnt much you can do for an energy drink that tastes of sweets without making it look like its aimed at children.

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Question Types

when trying to collect data you have to ask people questions, but depending on what you would like to find out and what your going to try to do with the results can really change the way you approach your targets, This is because there are two types of questions…. Open and closed.

Open questions – allow the interviewee to give any answer they feel, and therefore lets them be ‘open’. most of the time the answer will include an opinion too.
Closed questions – allow you to get the interviewee to make quick and simple decisions that make it easier to record and sort through later as the answers are already given and the participant must chose one that if provided to best suit what they feel.

from asking participants with these different question types you can get a completely different batch of answers. which gives you different types of data. Quantitative and qualitative.
Quantitative data – data based on measurable facts and info that can produce numerical data and be counted and then used for display e.g. graphs, quantitative data is normally received by asking closed questions as each answer can be then counted and sorted.
Qualitative data – research based on opinions attitudes and preferences, this data cant be categorized as such but due to opinions it can help achieve some sort of database of positive/negative comments. qualitative data is captured using open questions

when preparing the survey for the glee project i had to take into consideration of what questions im using as i wanted to use mainly closed questions so that i could get measurable and reliable data that i could review and find out fact like ‘90% of men that took the survey said they didn’t like glee’ and from this i could make my own interpretations on what could be changed to capture a bugger audience and appeal to other genres of music taste to change this,

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Advert Production

now all of the research was done i could start to create the adverts for the product and the actual product.

this is the logo and slogan i came up with for Ignition

i decided i would design and advertise a can with this logo on so i downloaded a stock photo of a aluminum can and started designing in photoshop.
i came up with this design which obviously changes depending on the flavour of the drink.

so the first advert was created using a photo of sinead posing with a can of monster so we had something the same shape and size to map our can design around to make it look like she was holding it.
this is the original photo

next i inserted the can and overlayed it ontop of the can in her hand already,

Now i added the same can in the top right hand corner to show what the product looks like so the consumer can identify it in shops

and finally i added text explaining that the product is an ‘explosive’ energy drink.

Final image

Advert 2
i also got john to pose with the same monster can as sinead for the same reason, i wanted to have a rough guide of here the can will fit in his hand…
the original photo

next i added the can once again

I added the logo in the top left corner to get some awareness of our logo

in the final product i added some text explaining what the product is once again.

The final Image

Final advert
original image

inserted can

inserted logo

inserted text and final image

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Advertising Proposal Form

Name of product:   Ignition Energy Drink 

Features: Low Sugar, High Energy, Natural Ingredients, 

USP: Unique Flavors- Old sweets 


Ignite the Fire 




Peer Approval 

What will you keep the same in the three adverts? The Product, The Logo
What will you change in the three adverts? The models, drink flavors 

Where will it be displayed? 

TV, Posters in shops, Internet Popups, Sponsors of sports 

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Development and Ideas for soft drink Product

Firstly our group decided that as we’re all teenagers we all drink alot of energy and stimulation drinks. so naturally this appealed to us and we had some knowledge of products that are out there for example Monster, Relentless, Kick, Emerge, Redbull, Kx, Blue bolt, Rockstar and Lucozade sport. To start of we thought of the measurement that we would sell our products in.

Product Sizes
Small – 250ml – Can
Medium – 500ml – Bottle
Large – 1Litre – Bottle

so these are our product sizes for the drink, we thought of these sizes as student and teenagers tend to just want a quick burst of energy and tend not to carry a bag or dont want large 2 Litre bottles for example. we’ve gone for the 250ml and 500ml as the main product as most corner shops and newsagents sell soft drinks in these sizes. obviously for people that want large ammounts of energy drink; maybe to stock up on their weekly food shop, we have the 1 litre bottles that are standard for other soft drink competitors.

Target audience
As mentioned above we recognize that people buying energy drinks are more orientated at teenagers and students that lead busy lives that just want to refuel and go again…
this is why we’re aiming at males/females aged 16-21

Product Name
we toyed around for ages just throwing around names that could describe a burst of energy or some sort of explosion. obviously we didnt want to go for something too obvious like explosion because we thought it would be cheesy and look like a joke. after a while we thought of linking the drink name to a song by a well known music artist as we would have to have someone promote it and why not use someone famous that does alot of shows and needs lots of ‘energy’. we came up with a few ideas but nothing that everyone agreed on to an extent. next we started playing around with ideas about starting your day with a high caffeine energy drink and thought about words that start off reactions. we thought reaction could have been a possibility but became obsessed with Ignition as we thought we could have a good add campaign with ‘Ignite your fire’ or ‘ignition, the only way to start your day’

we wanted to do something that no one else would think about trying, we thought about how energy drinks can be sickly if you have too much. so we took that into consideration, the group settled on looking for something sweet for teenagers and students so we were then lead on to thinking about sweets which ended up with us thinking about old sweets that were hard to get hold of and had ideas to make drinks that tasted like
fruit salads

our unique selling points are that the flavors are all unique to other competition soft drinks, the drinks are all made with natural ingredients and have a very low sugar content considering the drink are meant to taste like sweets which bring the immediate idea than its going to be full of sugar.

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How advertisements are constructed

when advertising, you can use many different techniques to get your product into the heads of the consumers, these are style types and they are the methods that many companys use to promote theyre latest product, they can also change theyre style type for the same product to appeal or attract other types of consumers.
the style types are as follows:

Celebrity Endorsement –
Celebrities star in adverts to make the consumer think that if they buy that product they will be like the celebrity that is endorsing the item.

Peer Approval –
everyone wants to have the new pair of trainers or the new mobile phone, teenagers and school kids look to their friends for approval, if you dont have the latest things then your not ‘cool’

Nurture –
using techniques that will appeal to your maternal/paternal side

Escape –
the illusion that if you buy a certain product then you will escape from life and everything will be better with you being calm and relaxed by buying ‘this’ product

Beauty appeal –
using ‘beautiful’ people to promote the idea that your product will make you look absolutely stunning an everyone will be draw to you.

Intelligence –
new and exciting ideas that make you think ‘Wow’ these adverts can be completely off topic just to catch your attention and draw you in before revealing the actual meaning behind the advert

Coca Cola

this print based advert shows the product and then plain and simple makes a statement, “a clear case of taste infringement’ this give the effect that the drink violates your taste buds, this would normally be classed as a bad thing but who would try and advertise theyre drink as being nasty? its an intelligent advert that intrigues the consumer.

Cadburys advert

This advert intrigues the consumer as its quite entertaining to watch, the video shows 2 children on a photoshoot set wiggling their eyebrows in time with an alarm that goes off, it can be classed as a maternal advert due to the fact that mothers and fathers notice that children do funny things at a young age and this can represent one of those things. with all this in mind the advert has no relevance to the actual product in which is cadburys chocolate.

Megan Fox – Motorola

This video shows the very attractive megan fox in a bath talking about her new phone, shows some features then wonders what would happen if she took a picture and sent it around… some comical outcomes are then shown aimed at megan fox being an attractive actress. this advert can be tagged as using the beauty appeal and/or celebrity endorsement. at the same time there is a hint of peer approval as megan fox is very glamourous and had a very large following of fans so if megan has this phone the idea is that her fans will want that phone…

Macdonalds christmas menu

this video shows a family playing a game of charades, the player miming gets fed up and depicts ‘the great escape’ while jumping behind a sofa and appearing in macdonalds, this advert has obviously got to be classed as escape and has an element of humor to attract attention.

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